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Ongoing Planning

First Class is a premier financial planning service designed exclusively for millennials who have a passion for travel. With ongoing financial planning, I go above and beyond traditional financial planning services to cater specifically to your unique needs. I'm here to guide you on a path toward financial success while nurturing your love for globetrotting.

• Quarterly Meeting with a CFP®

• Budget Review

• Tax Planning

• Retirement Planning

• Life Planning

• Student Loan Planning

• Debt Management

• Estate Planning

• Education Planning

• Major Purchase Planning

• Investment Management*

• Annual Benefits Review


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One-Time Financial Roadmap

A comprehensive financial plan in 3 months! If you're not quite ready for ongoing financial planning or prefer a one-time review of your current financial plan, our Financial Roadmap offering is perfect for you. I'll assess your current situation, provide expert guidance, and equip you with a personalized financial roadmap to follow.

• Life Planning

• Budget Review

• Tax Planning

• Retirement Planning

• Estate Planning

• Student Planning

• Debt Management

• Insurance Review

• Education Planning

• Major Purchase Planning

• Investment Management*

• Employer Benefits Review

**Currently Unavailable**

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*Investment management is optional and not required to become a financial planning client


Services that align with your life values

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Life Planning

It’s challenging to determine how you want to experience life, but we’ll spend a lot of time figuring out what’s most important to you.

We believe a financial planner’s job is to align your use of capital (time, energy, and money) with the things you value most.

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Investment Management

Every one of your goals will have a different timeline.

We couple your time horizon with your comfort level with risk to determine the most appropriate way to invest your funds. 


Tax Planning

Taxes are the biggest fee you are going to pay, and we want to make sure you aren’t paying more than necessary.

We believe you should pay your fair share of taxes, but we don’t think you should leave Uncle Sam a tip!


Retirement Planning

“Retirement” means something different to everyone.

I don’t think millennials are going to wait until they turn 65 to start experiencing their lives. Whether that means taking a sabbatical (or a few), transitioning to a lower-paying job that you’re passionate about, or retiring early, we will help you plan for whatever “retirement” means to you.

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Estate Planning 

We want to make sure there is a clear plan for how your assets will be handled in the event of your death.

It’s not fun to think about, but most people feel better knowing there’s a plan for their assets when they die.


Student Loan Analysis

Those pesky loans can be a real deterrent when it comes to planning (financially) for the other big life goals you want to achieve.

We will help you weigh the options and determine the best way to handle your student loans.


Annual Employer Benefits Review (Open Enrollment)

We’ve found that most people are just randomly checking boxes when their open enrollment period pops up every year.

We will walk through the open enrollment process with you to make sure you are taking advantage of all the benefits offered by your employer. 

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Cash Flow Review

The heart of financial planning starts with cash flow.

We will determine how much is coming in and how much is going out.

From there, we can determine if any changes need to be made. Don’t worry, we still want you to buy coffee and avocado toast. 

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Risk Management
(a fancy way to say insurance review)

We like to think of risk management as the bubble wrap on a package.

If we build out a great financial plan (the package), we also need to make sure we protect it from the unexpected (the bubble wrap).


Debt Management  

A lot of financial planners will make you feel bad about your debt.

That’s not how we operate at 2Point0 Financial.

We will help you evaluate your debt and determine a manageable approach to eliminating any bad debt you may have. 

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Education Planning

Paying for children’s or grandchildren’s education is a big goal for a lot of people.

We will help you determine how much to save and in which type(s) of accounts you should be saving to help that youngster get an education. 


Planning for Major Purchases (Home, Travel, Vehicles, etc.)

There are so many moving parts at this stage in our lives!

We will act as a trusted partner as you navigate those big purchases like buying a home, purchasing a car, and my favorite, taking that trip! 

Let's Make a Plan.

You wouldn't wait until the morning of a flight to plan a trip.

Don't wait until retirement to make a financial plan.