Financial Planning for Travel-Loving Millennials

Welcome to a place where dreams take flight and financial goals become a reality. 2Point0's mission is simple: to empower you with the knowledge, tools, and guidance needed to make travel a significant part of your life while ensuring a solid financial foundation.

The world doesn’t look the way it did 50 years ago, and neither should your financial plan. 

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A Travel Partner for Your Financial Journey

Finances, like travel, can be overwhelming.

It helps to have a buddy! As a Certified Financial Planner, I'll check the directions when you feel lost, translate the signs that aren’t in your language, and help you reach your ultimate destination.

You’ve got places to go and I can’t wait to take the journey with you!

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Designed for Millennials with Insatiable Wanderlust

At 2Point0 Financial, I understand your desire to explore the world while building a secure financial future. That's why I've crafted a platform exclusively for travel-loving millennials like you.

Unlock the world! This is your gateway to financial freedom and adventure.

Learn More About Our Planning Process

Let's Make a Plan.

You wouldn't wait until the morning of a flight to plan a trip.

Don't wait until retirement to make a financial plan.


Services that align with your life journey

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Financial Planning

We’ll help you get your entire financial picture into focus. Need help managing your monthly cash flow? Preparing to make a major purchase like a house or a car? Saving for your kids’ education? If it has a dollar sign, we can help!

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Investment Management

Investing for retirement doesn’t have to be complicated.

Using a simple, low-cost strategy, we’ll make sure your money is invested in a way that makes sense for you.


Preparing for Takeoff

You want to experience life at every stage, not just after you turn 65.

We’ll help you develop a plan to take that trip, buy that house, or start that business!

Financial planning from a traveler just like you


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No-minimum, virtual-based financial planning

I created 2Point0 Financial because I saw a gap in the financial services industry. I saw a whole group of people raising their hands and saying, “we want help with our finances” only to be told to come back when they made more money.

This industry seems to operate under the assumption that younger people don’t need financial help, but I believe millennials are in the most financially confusing time in their lives.

Between buying homes and paying off student loan debt and having kids and navigating career moves and deciding maybe they don’t want to do retirement the way their parents did it, there is a lot to figure out.

I started 2Point0 Financial because I couldn’t find a place that takes the client experience for young people as seriously as I do. I started this firm because I believe there’s another way to experience life.


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