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The 2Point0 Financial Roadmap

The 2Point0 Financial Roadmap is our signature planning process that makes working with a financial planner as easy and pain-free as possible.

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Intro Meeting

This is an industry that should be built on trust and relationships.

Before we dig into the financial stuff, I believe it’s crucial for us to get to know each other on a personal level to determine if there’s a strong personality match.

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We take our time to really explore your values and relationship with money.

It’s important that we use your values to guide your goals. Ultimately, a financial planner’s job is to help clients align their use of capital (time, energy, and money) with the things that are most important to them.

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Cash Flow Meeting

The word “budget” sounds too restrictive, so we use the term “cash flow.”

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your financial plan, but it doesn’t have to be confining. We just want to make sure that you are spending in the areas that are most important to you and limiting spending in the areas that aren’t important to you.

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Financial Analysis

Now that we have a clearer view of what’s most important to you and your goals, we need to determine where you are today and if we’re heading in the right direction toward those goals.

We will use high-tech financial planning software and my favorite financial calculator to run a bunch of scenarios to help us figure that out.

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Plan Implementation (aka The One-Page Financial Plan)

I’m happy to give you the pile of charts and jargon that comes from our financial analysis, but I’ve found most people prefer our one-page financial plan.

We will review your financial plan together and it will be written in plain English with clearly defined steps and observations

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Ongoing Financial Planning
(Quarterly Meetings)

No one has the stamina to implement a financial plan in one sitting (not even me!)

So, we are very strategic about how and when we meet throughout the year. We will have four scheduled meetings every year. Of course, I’m always available if you need anything between those scheduled meetings.

I’m going to have no more than 50 clients, which means I get to spend more time with you!

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